Capturing screens

Every wanted to take a screenshot of whats going on in a running VM? Well, you are in luck! VIX supports taking screenshots, this will require you to know a guest’s username/password.

The VIX python binding can return a screenshot in PNG format. You can choose between having the file written to a file, or getting the PNG buffer.

This example will demonstrate how to take screenshots from a VM every 10 seconds.

import time
from vix import VixHost

host = VixHost()
vm = host.open_vm('/path/to/my/vm.vmx')

# Must login to do some things...
vm.login('root', 'toor')
while True:
    vm.capture_screen_image('/path/to/my/screenshot_{name}_{timestamp:.0f}.png'.format(name=vm.name, timestamp=time.time()))

Cloning Machines

Cloning machines are usually a more useful action then capturing screenshots. It is a pretty simple task to…

from vix import VixHost

host = VixHost()
vm = host.open_vm('/path/to/my/template/vm.vmx')

# Assuming that template.vmx is currently on a powered off snapshot.
snapshot = vm.snapshot_get_current()

# This clone will be based of 'template.vmx' at the specified snapshot.
# Linked snapshots take less space...
cloned = vm.clone('/path/to/my/cloned/vm.vmx', snapshot=snapshot, linked=True)

# Let fire up our cloned machine!